From the concept to the completion Artist and Collector work together to bring an idea to the reality. 

The Collector provides information about:

1. The size would you like your painting to be:

2. Do you feel strongly that certain colours or shades of colours should be included in the painting? If so, share this information with me. You can provide several photos of the room interior in the natural daylight for witch the painting will be created;

3. Subject of the painting: you can provide me with image of several images for better explanation of the subject to help determine the details and composition;

After all the information is with me I will provide you with the quote for the final painting with the explanation of what you should expect and what you will receive as the end product.

After accepting the quote the down payment should be maid and work begins on the painting.The Collector will receive the draft image of the painting as well as several control images of the work in progress during period of the creation.

When the painting is complete and ready to be delivered, the final payment equal to the remaining amount is due and the painting is given (delivered) to the Collector.